Principles of SMILE

Smile provides a space for people to interact and communicate through
the use of sensory stimulation. We use songs, games, rhythm and interactive stories, each day being structured to suit the people involved.


“You never change behaviour if you don’t challenge it………. the challenge belongs to the communicator”


SMILE provides a space that is responsive and consistent – where interaction and communication occur through the use of sensory stimulation using smell, touch, taste, sound and sight. In addition, we use Intensive Interaction, encourage turn taking, sharing, waiting, listening and making choices. Our priority is to promote communication of any form as well as active two-way learning


- To develop sociability and fundamental communication abilities – eye contact, expression, appropriate touch

- To develop emotional well-being through group work and support greater self esteem

- To encourage ways of spending time other than in self-involvement/ritualistic behaviour etc.

- To promote choice making in everyday life, and have those choices heard and responded to – however small or large

- To have fun!

Who is SMILE for ?

SMILE came into being by responding and listening to peoples needs and how they wanted their service.
SMILE is primarily for adults with complex needs using a total communication approach but the model can easily be adapted for children.

What do we do in SMILE ?

SMILE provides a venue for interaction and communication which occur through the use of sensory stimulation using smell, touch, taste, sound and sight.
Sessions are themed seasonally enabling experiences taken for granted in everyday life to be shared.

Where does SMILE happen ?

SMILE sessions can be set up in your own space, in a day centre or residential home.
I can offer a start-up pack which includes staff training and support in setting up initial sessions.

For further information contact Celia Chasey 07904722620

SMILE is supported by the Speech and Language Therapy Department ,
Psychology Department, Southern Health and Soundabout
“The sessions are very relaxed and friendly and she is allowed to participate, or not, in whatever way she chooses”
- Mother of SMILE user